Szechuan and Hunan Cuisine

with White Rice

H1.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy
Chunk chicken, light fried with hot bean sauce, this plate was divided by a private Chef's of General Tso's who was famous in Szechuan.
H2.  Shrimp with Chicken Hunan StyleSpicy
Sauteed shrimp with hot bean sauce on the side, sliced chicken with black bean spicy sauce on another side.
H3.  Crispy Orange Flavor BeefSpicy
Tender fillet of marinated beef, delicately sauteed and seasoned with imported orange peels, broccoli on the bottom.
H4.  Crispy Orange Flavor ChickenSpicy $9.75
H5.  Sesame ChickenSpicy $9.75
H6.  Sesame BeefSpicy $12.45
H7.  Shrimp with Scallop in Hunan StyleSpicy
Jumbo shrimp and fresh sea scallop sauteed in Hunan sauce.
H8.  Mongolian BeefSpicy $12.05
H9.  Mongolian DelightSpicy
Chicken, beef & shrimp.
H10.  Hot and Spicy ShrimpSpicy $9.95
H11.  Sliced Chicken Szechuan StyleSpicy $9.75
H12.  Sliced Beef Szechuan StyleSpicy $11.45
H13.  Jumbo Shrimp Szechuan StyleSpicy $10.25
H14.  Hunan Style Sliced ChickenSpicy $9.75
H15.  Hunan Style Sliced BeefSpicy $11.45
H16.  Hunan Style Jumbo ShrimpSpicy $10.25
H17.  Hunan Triple CrownSpicy
(Jumbo Shrimp, Beef, Chicken)
H18.  Chicken with Garlic SauceSpicy $9.75
H19.  Mongolian ChickenSpicy $9.95
H20.  Shredded Beef with Garlic SauceSpicy $11.45
H21.  Shrimp with Garlic SauceSpicy $10.25
H22.  Kung Bo ChickenSpicy $9.95
H23.  Kung Bo ShrimpSpicy $10.25
H24.  Kung Bo BeefSpicy $11.75
H25.  Hong Kong Style ChickenSpicy $9.95
H26.  Crispy Orange ShrimpSpicy $10.95